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Hot Topic! ? VA Loans w/ Dustin Steele, Synovus Mortgage

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Check-out our FB Live Video discussing VA Loans w/ Dustin Steele at Synovus Mortgage. Highlight bullet points are below. Dustin is one of our local mortgage experts and knows all the ins & outs of the VA Loan process.

Link to watch video:  VA Loans w/ Kim Mixon & Dustin Steele

Learn more about VA Loans w/ local mortgage expert Dustin Steele! ?
  1. What are the core benefits of a VA loan?
    1. 100% financing/No money down on mortgages up to $510,400
    2. No monthly mortgage insurance
    3. More lenient than conventional regarding credit history
    4. Typically has a lower interest rate than conventional – What is todays rate? Call me!
  1. Who is eligible for a VA home loan?
    1. Any active duty service member that has served 90 consecutive days during wartime is eligible.  You are also eligible if you have served 181 consecutive during peacetime.  National Guard and Reserve members are also eligible after 6 years of service.  Honorably discharged veterans are also eligible.
  1. Eligible = Approved?
    1. One of the common misconceptions of VA is loans is that eligibility equals approval.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Eligibility means you have the opportunity to be approved.  If you’re curious about approval reach out to me and I can walk you through the steps necessary to determine that.
  1. Can I use my benefit more than once?
    1. Yes.  You can use your benefit as many times as you’d like.  In certain situations you can even have 2 VA loans at one time.  I don’t want to get too deep into this right now but if you currently have a VA home loan and are curious as to whether or not you would qualify for a second without selling – reach out to me today.
  1. Can my VA benefit expire?
    1. The short answer is no.  As long as you are breathing you are eligible.  Your pre-approval can expire but not your benefit.  Don’t worry – if your pre-approval expires before you find a home we can always update your file and reissue, if there have been no major changes.
  1. How do I get the VA loan process started?
    1. It’s easy! Call me, text me, message me.  My contact information is at the top of the page.

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